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Mind Above Matter Staff - Jenny KincaidJenny Kincaid, LCSW
Jenny’s mission is to provide the highest quality care to all clients.  She lives in the DFW area and has a keen sense for the needs of the community as a result.  Jenny Kincaid has over a decade worth of experience in the behavioral health care industry.  She has held positions in numerous healthcare settings, including inpatient care, outpatient care, hospice and skilled nursing.


Jenny’s mission began while she served as the Program Director for an inpatient hospital. Jenny had to repeatedly witness the low standards of care, lack of care continuum and disjointed industry collaboration offered in most mental health facilities. It was this experience that catapulted Jenny towards her life’s purpose: to relentlessly recreate the standards of community mental health care.

In February 2011, Jenny opened the doors to her private practice; a 1500 sq ft space offering therapeutic counseling services in Johnson County. She knew this space would be the beginning of something much bigger than her. The practice at the time was named Innovative Psychiatric Solutions, and would be the benchmark of compassionate, outcome-driven mental health care.

It wasn’t long until Jenny received the gold seal accreditation from the rigorous standards of the Joint Commission. This honorable membership allowed Innovative Psychiatric Solutions to begin providing Day Program services (intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization). These expanded services allowed Jenny to keep clients out of inpatient hospitals through her innovative multi-level stabilization model. This model broke barriers of traditional industry settings. Jenny’s remarkable success has landed her on the Young Entrepreneurial Council, a Harvard Business School certification and as a published contributor for Forbes.

Today, Jenny Kincaid is the acting CEO and founder of Mind Above Matter, LLC. With two locations- and growing- Jenny has proved her vision for quality mental health care at the lower levels is fundamental for keeping clients out of inpatient hospitals.

Jenny Kincaid is an accomplished wife, mother, social worker, entrepreneur and visionary. She continues her life’s purpose by expanding her clinics throughout Texas and educating communities on the importance of quality mental health care.

Mind Above Matter continuously strives to provide convenient care with quality outcomes.

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