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Frequently Asked Questions

Adult FAQs

MAM Adult program offers treatment for adults age 18 and over for mental health needs.  Our program offers group therapy, individual and or family therapy, medication management, and case management.  

Criteria for our adult program is assessed at an initial intake with a licensed provider. In general, recommendations for PHP and IOP programs are based on the intensity, frequency, and duration of symptoms discussed at intake. When there are factors pertaining to safety, significant or severe distress, or significant or severe deterioration of the ability to function in various settings, a once a week outpatient counseling session or once a month outpatient medication management regime may not be safe, or may not suffice in meeting an individual’s needs. In these instances, a higher level of care such as IOP or PHP may be suggested.  

Absolutely! If this need is identified in our program, you are able to meet with our providers regularly to monitor medications, continue agreed-upon treatments, and receive education regarding medications and progress. In PHP, we work to have clients meet with providers twice a week, and in IOP, we work to have clients seen as needed, up to once a week. 

The average length of time in the program for most is 4 – 8 weeks, depending on which program you are participating in. Program length may change based on specific factors related to each person’s care. Our goal is for you to have a foundation of skills and insight that promote growth and success regarding your mental health. The treatment team will review your progress and ongoing needs each week and make recommendations for continued care.  

No.  Our referral support client advocate will inform you of your benefits and will make financial arrangements, if needed.  Our advocate and business office are available to answer questions you may have regarding your benefits.  

The program therapists are available to address any questions or concerns you may have. To ensure the best level of care, our team meets on a weekly basis to discuss your progress and treatment plan. We encourage you to be actively involved in your treatment, as our primary focus is your wellbeing. Your therapist or psychiatric provider will consult with you regarding treatment decisions and solicit feedback when appropriate. 

Your therapist will discuss discharge plans with you while you are in treatment. We will work to ensure that you will have ongoing care upon discharge from our program.  This usually consists of weekly individual and/or family sessions with an outpatient therapist and medication management with a psychiatric provider. Further details will be discussed during the discharge planning process.  

No, the adult program is done by 1 pm without a lunch break. However, we will provide coffee and water for you during program hours. Snacks are also allowed during group programming and break times. 

Adolescent FAQs

We follow the same schedule as the home school districts where the site is located (Burleson ISD, Keller ISD, and Arlington ISD). If the school district is closing for inclement weather, we will be closing as well. It is the guardian’s responsibility to contact the office to determine whether the office will be closed. MAM has three ways of notifying clients of closure or delayed opening due to inclement weather:

  1. It will be posted on our Facebook page as soon as a decision is made. 
  2. All closings and delays will appear on the weather page in alphabetical order at 
  3. You can also watch the TV news station on NBC5. Facilities will be listed in alphabetical order and scrolling across the bottom of the TV scene.

Call the site where your child attends and they will get a message to your child’s provider.

 If the guardian is present at the visit and gives consent, then the medication is sent electronically to the pharmacy of choice. If the parent is not at the visit, and is not available by phone, they will need to send a written consent prior the medication being sent to the pharmacy.

We do not administer medications, but we do approve self-administration of medications on a case-by-case basis. Our LVN will discuss this with you as needed and can be reached at 817-447-3001 ext 151.

We have limited snacks available. While extra snacks available it is not intended to be a meal replacement. If this becomes a reoccurring issue the provider will contact parents or guardian.

You can request your child’s records at the receptionist desk. Please complete the form as needed. Specific provider notes cannot be released to the client, but discharge summaries, diagnosis, and other documents can be released. Our medical records specialist can assist you further.

Please communicate all needs and issues to your child’s therapist or provider. You may also complete the Client Feedback survey on the computer in the lobby. Lastly, you may contact Joint Commission at:

Mail: Office of Quality and Patient Safety

The Joint Commission

One Renaissance

BoulevardOakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181


E-mail: [email protected]

Fax: 630-792-5636

For example, if you and your child’s provider cannot agree on the best course of treatment for your child, and you decide to go against the treating psychiatric provider’s recommendations, then you or they may decide that you or they do not feel comfortable continuing your child’s care in any capacity. This would mean you would need to locate other providers for your child with which to continue. This is decided on a case-by-case basis and will be communicated sensitively by your child’s attending provider.