five stars“Everything from the very first call, to the girl up front, to the therapist’s compassion and knowledge was great”

five stars“From the first time I called to the way they worked us in the same day for a crisis, everyone was very reassuring and accommodating”

five stars“My daughter’s experience here was top rate. She learned so much and everyone was so kind and helpful. It’s not always about being kind, but helping get to the root of the problem. They were able to do both.  They were like a second helping hand to my daughter. She now has the tools to tackle this and she is going to beat it”

five stars“Since the initial phone call, I felt as though the people working in this practice had a genuine dedication to quality patient care. I had to go down a list of phone numbers to find a practice in my insurance network that was accepting new patients, and every other person I talked to (if I could even get anybody on the line) treated me like a burden. When I called this practice, my call was answered immediately by someone who really made me feel like I mattered”

five stars“How do you rate a place that helped save your child’s life? We had already went through a couple of other facilities and my daughter fell in love with MAM. There were days it was challenging for her, but she really worked the program….my child is truly happy and she has accepted who she is and loves herself. She is back in public school and has all A’s…. We would not hesitate to take her back if need be. We are so thankful for their care”

five stars“They worked with my schedule and my finances and really seem like they care”

five stars  “This program was beneficial to my treatment and provided a safe and supportive atmosphere for me to talk about what I am dealing with. My family has noticed a big difference in me”

five stars“Thank you for caring about me as a person and not just another number that walked through the door.  I felt accepted and supported throughout the time I was seen at your office.  I expect to struggle from time to time, but I now have the skills I need to get through the hard times with more confidence. You helped me find a positive part of myself I didn’t know was there”.