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At Mind Above Matter we pride ourselves on our individualized care model.  We offer personalized mental health support and multiple levels of care for a full continuity of care.  This is achieved by offering regular outpatient care, med management and/or therapy, or more intensive support like our day and evening programs (PHP or IOP).

PHP and IOP are alternative levels of outpatient care designed to  prevent inpatient hospitalization for mental health concerns or to assist clients with transitioning back into life after an inpatient stay. Clients benefit from individualized, innovative care in a comfortable outpatient setting and are encouraged to collaborate in their care as part of their “treatment team”.

Mind Above Matter is a locally-owned and operated company.  We are part of the DFW community and pride ourselves on being one of the only PHP/IOP businesses in the area that is not a larger behavioral health chain.  We are also one of the only behavioral health companies in the area that offers day treatment, in addition to outpatient care.  This allows clients to access services that fit their individual needs. Clients can build a lasting relationship with their clinicians, thus reducing multiple treatment episodes or hospital admissions and promoting continuity of care.

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